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5 Reasons to Join

#1 We value your time! – We all know that life is busy. This is why we only ask for as much of your time as you are comfortable giving. This time can be divided between meetings and our various events.  What is more, the Order is dedicated to family life and the many benefits that it offers.

#2 You help others! – Charity is one of the founding principles of the Knights.  Most of the funds we raise throughout the year are returned to those in need through various charities, most of them based right here in our own community.

#3 You can help the Church! – Our council aids the parish and our pastor in many ways.  From providing support for parish events to aiding Christian Services, the Knights are heavily involved with the parish here at Holy Family.  Many Knights serve as lectors, Eucharistic ministers, ushers, and host families.

#4 Find your vocation! – Being a Knight helps you to realize what God has in mind for you.  We have a structure that allows you to be able to use your individual skills and talents to do God’s work. You may even help us to find new ways to serve!

#5 There is something for everyone!  With our various programs that support the Church and community, there is something to appeal to every Knight. Further, most of our activities (with only a few exceptions) are open to the whole family.

To learn more and check out other great reasons to join, view these testimonials from Brother Knights:  [English – 11 minutes] [Spanish – 12 minutes]

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