The Knights Are For Young Men Too

Right or wrong, the Knights of Columbus has a reputation for being a group for “old guys” looking for something to do in their retirement.  But while we do have our share of gentlemen that fit this description, nothing could be further from the truth.  Whether you are just starting college, your career, or even a family, there is a place for you in the Knights of Columbus.  Just a few of the benefits to you are:

  • For college students, opportunities for scholarships – over 500 students annually receive scholarships totaling over $1 million.  As an added bonus, the Holy Family council will wave your dues while you are still enrolled.
  • Leadership opportunities – we have many charity activities that we run each year, all of which need someone to lead them.  In addition to being very spiritually fulfilling, this kind of experience looks good on a resume.
  • Free mentoring & counseling – getting started with your education, career, or family can be difficult.  As many of us have experienced these things already, we can offer advice and lessons that most only learn from the expensive School of Experience.

But don’t just take our word for it – read this testimonial article from an actual young Knight on the benefits that he has gained by being part of our organization:

I’m a Member of the Knights of Columbus and I’m Not Old

If you are ready to join the Knights here at Holy Family, visit our membership information page to contact our membership director.

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